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    Installing / Uninstalling RH Version X5

      Hello ... I just had to uninstall my version of RoboHelp X5, 5.0.1, and 5.0.2, then have version 7.0.1 installed on my PC by IT for UAT testing, then they uninstalled 7.0.1 so I could reload the X5 version. I have reinstalled the X5.0 version from a disk. I also have ordered 7.0.1 (have to have it pushed to my PC via my IT group, which may take as many as 10 days to complete). In the meantime, I have a RoboHelp project due next week. Doesn't that just figure? FYI, I'm on XP and using Office 2003.

      A couple of issues have arisen from this that I am hoping the list can help me with:

      * I do not have version 5.0.1 or 5.0.2. Does anyone have any idea how I would get them? The "Check for Updates" in help tells me that the Macromedia server is down ... so that's no longer working. I seem to remember that there were big issues to running X5 without them. Am I remembering correctly?

      * What's the best way to uninstall version X5 before obtaining version 7.0.1? I'm hoping that 7.0.1 will do the uninstall? If not, is it OK to just use Add/Remove programs? I didn't see an uninstall program on the disk. I had IT uninstall it the first time, and it took 4-5 days for them to do that after I requested it so I'm hoping for a quicker method.

      * Does anyone know where I can get the version 7 tutorial? They are not including it in the new download.

      TIA very much,