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    Smart Guides are buggy CS4

    TᴀW Adobe Community Professional & MVP



      Smart-guides are slightly buggy in CS4 and it makes it a little

      irritating to work with them. I wonder if this is the same in later



      For example, try this:


      Create a new document.


      Switch off all snapping (to document grid, guides, baseline etc.). Just

      enable smart guides. And in smart guides, only enable "Align to object

      edges" and "Smart dimensions."


      Now, in the new document, draw a rectangle. Now duplicate it by

      alt-shift-dragging (to constrain direction). Drag it off a few cm to the



      So we now have two identical rectangles -- both with their top edge

      lying on the same point of the y-axis. Their heights are identical too.

      As so:


      []    []


      Now, with the black pointer, move the bottom edge of one of the

      rectangles up and down. What happens?


      Sometimes the "identical height" smart guide appears. Sometimes the

      "Align to object edges appears" and sometimes both smart guides appear!


      Why?! Clearly whenver the rectangles are identical height, their bottom

      edges are aligned as well.


      So we should NEVER get a situation where only one or the other of the

      smart guides appears! The smart guides should always either both be on,

      or both be off -- but never one yes and the other no.




      Is this happening is CS6 as well?


      Obviously the situation is much worse when more smart guides are

      allowed, and more snapping to various things is allowed. So when I zoom

      in to look at what has happened, things aren't always aligning perfectly

      despite the guides.