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    compression or optimizing for embedding onto website


      I'm brand new to Premiere elements.  I can see how to trim portions of an hour and a half recorded webinar I made, but it takes FOREVER (like 3 days or more) to save/convert the file.  Is there a way to compress or optimize?  The original file was a wmv.  I think it should be saved as AVI to embed on a website.


      I know this is a basic question, but shouldn't saving the file be relatively quick?  Why would it take so much time? 


      Is there a way to export or compress or do somethign to make the file size smaller and take less time to save?




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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          The problem is that you're using a WMV as your source file. WMVs are highly compressed, and the program must first convert them to the program's own workflow codec before it can then convert it to whatever your output format is.


          What model of camcorder is your original footage coming from?


          If it's not a camcorder, what codec or file format is available for you to use? (If you must use WMVs as your source format, I'd recommend you edit with Windows MovieMaker instead.)


          What is the final format and resolution your outputting your finished movie as?


          There is most likely a much more efficient workflow than you're using.

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            mmunson Level 1

            The file was created by our webinar host -- GoToWebinar (Citrix).  It was created/automatically saved as WMV.


            I know absolutely nothing about video or video editing!  I can try Windows MovieMaker.  I mostly just want to get the webinar file (now in WMV) into something I can post and embed on the web.  (Ideally I'd like it to be streamed, not put up as a download, so I'm not even sure what the best format is for that.)


            Thanks for your suggestions about MovieMaker.  If you have any recommendations for file format, that woudl be great.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Actually, WMV is a good format for streaming video, and all one needs to do is embed a player in the Web page. Now, there are many "levels" of quality for a WMV, and the higher the quality (bit-rate), the larger the file, and the longer it will take to get into cache for playback.


              If your audience will be on a PC, then Flash (FLV) would be another good choice, with an embedded Flash player. As Apple has declared war on Flash, Mac's (especially newer ones) will have issues.


              For Mac's, then MOV w/ appropriate CODEC, and an embedded QT Player, would be a good choice.


              Good luck,



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                mmunson Level 1

                Thanks for your help.  I guess I'll probably stick with WMV format, then, since that's both easiest (for me) and sounds like it will be a good match for end users.