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    Insert Images in form filling


      I have InDesign CS6 and am loving the form filling ability.

      However I want the person filing in the form to be able to add an image into the form for their signature. There's a signature field but this is for digital signatures but no image field so they can insert their scanned signature. Most of the people they deal with have no idea about digital signatures like these but they have a scanned signature on file.


      Any ideas as to how I do this? I have one pdf that has to be coded to 5 different people and this file gets updated regularly so I don't really want to do this in Acrobat everytime.

      I am trying to template this for speed for the client.


      Any ideas?

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Essentially this is an Acrobat question and you'll probably get a better response in the Forms section of the Acrobat forms. PDF forms are only designed to handle digital signatures. The only way I know of to use graphics is to create a custom digital signature that has a graphic which I believe can be done.


          There is absolutely nothing you can do in InDesign CS6 to handle this.


          You'll probably have do train our colleagues to create digital signatures if you want to use this feature.

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            oohaar Level 1

            ok thanks. That's pretty poor from Adobe considering everything else you can do. I see that if you have LiveCycle (PC only) then you can do it but not on the mac.

            I'll have a route around online, someone may have written a plugin or script for it, you never know!

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              Brad S. Level 1

              I too am looking for the missing feature that is inserting images in forms in InDesign. Yes, yes you can do it in LiveCycle, but LiveCycle absolutely destroys any custom styles that are created in InDesign, especially all the new fancy radio buttons and check boxes in CS6, and once you've edited a form in LiveCycle you can no longer edit it in Acrobat. This is one of the most frustrating aspects of interactive form creation. I was expecting this functionlity in CS6 but I am left sorely dissapointed instead.

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                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                As I mentiuoned in the other thread where we've been posting, the library released by the Acrobat team for use in ID contains only those features that you see now. Our guys didn't write this code and don't get to expand it, more's the pity because they probably would. Another crimp is that this code is not Live Cycle code, so you would be limited to things that Acrobat can do, and it can't do a whole lot with images in form fields, even if the code were included.

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                  Zinusmero Level 1

                  I have figured out how to do this. Its all based on the signature and has nothing to do with image fields, signature fields or LifeCycle.


                  1. Create a digital signature (I used Windows Certificate Store type ) as normal.
                  2. After creating your signature, Select Create New Appearance from the Appearance combo box.

                  Create new appearance.png


                  3.     Give the new Appearance a title. You can have multiple appearances for one signature.

                  4.     Click Imported Graphic and then click File. (The Signature image can ONLY be PDF!!)

                  5.     Configure the text as required by clicking the checkboxes. Click OK when done


                  Create new appearance 2.png


                  6.     After you are done sign the document with the new appearance.

                  Create new appearance 3.png


                  Hope this helps.



                  Who knows why Adobes Help is so pathetic, couldnt this have been explained somewhere so people dont have to come to the forum for answers.