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    scale changes when I replace a placed image

    synterx Level 1

      Don't recall ever having this issue with CS4, I'm now on 5.5.


      simple thing, I place an image on a page. I then go back to the original, edit it, by, say, extending something to the left.


      I come back to ID, and instead of the placed image staying at the same %, and just cutting off what's new on the left, the whole image scales itself down to fit.


      Old QuarkXpress used to do this, until an Xtension came along that preserved the image % no matter what.


      I thought it was a preference, but the one I found that pertains to scaling doesn't seem to have an effect.


      The "When Scaling", Apply to Content is checked.


      I was having an issue earlier with strokes scaling when reducing an image.



      Am I missing something simple?