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    Text prompt styles

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          Bramblethorne Level 1

          I've found absolutely no experiential evidence to suggest that there's any truth to the statement "In general, you should avoid setting the prompt text to be larger or smaller than the regular text in the text control. Unless you explicitly define the height and width of the control, the text control’s size will grow or shrink as the size of the text or prompt text grows and shrinks."  If I set -no- explicit size settings whatsoever, (and strip my skin parts of their default content (but still leave the programmatic entities there, just empty), then I get a null-width TextInput.

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            Bramblethorne Level 1

            Just to forestall questions, my Actionscript stripped down to be no more complicated than this (no styles, no skins, all default)


            public function addToolName(txt:String):void


                 toolName = new TextInput();

                 toolName.prompt = txt + txt;




            Produces a default-width TextInput element that will not resize "grow/shrink" under -any- condition.  Assigning longer or shorter strings (evidenced by the txt + txt in this case) to prompt or text property or user input, has absolutely no effect on the size of the element.  If it's user input, it just scrolls the text and leaves it scrolled out to the right if the element loses focus.  If there is no text after losing focus, it displays the prompt truncated with an ellipsis.  If I set the prompt explicitly, it displays the prompt truncated with an ellipsis.  The same is true if I explicitly set the text property.


            This control should never have been released without basic functionality being established even if it does add phenomenal functionality and control for things like multilingual text, lingual contextual text direction, etc... those controls being...

            1. Conforms to documentation at the very least.

            2. Able to participate (via set properties) in layout containers (grow shrink reposition).

            3. Able autosize or be fixed (via set properties)

            4. Able to be programmatically queried and manipulated with regards to dimensions of both the embedded text element(s) and the component itself.


            Cheers.   My task -should- be easily completed, but alas, such is not the case....   this is tinker-toy, not erector-set or even lego-robotics level stuff.

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              Flex harUI Adobe Employee

              Can you produce a 20-line test case?