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    Continuous Reauthorization Required in DUE


      Greetings.  I am tasked with installing the Adobe Digital Editions app on multiple Windows XP SP3 computers in a dynamic user environment (DUE), a school district, in association with an initiative to provide e-Books to students. The problem I am running into is that the Adobe DE app requires every user who invokes the app to reauthorize it using an Adobe ID every time the app is started.  It appears that the app will not retain its authorization unless the related user has a local profile saved to the computer.  Since I can have anywhere up to 1000+ users touching a given computer (and it is impossible to administer 1000+ local user profiles) this is a serious issue.  All the computers in this environment are configured to treat every logged-in user as a dynamic account, and all local-saved data is removed from the PC to ensure the computer is ready for the next user; additionally, for security reasons user policy forbids unfettered access to the local computer data drive and system registry.  Is there either a computer-centric version of the Adobe DE that can be deployed to the computers or a means of permanently setting an authorization on the app once it is installed?  Does the app require the user have access to a specific registry key(s) or .ini file?  Thanks in advance.