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    Problem with Multiple Series - CFCHART

    Gary1 Level 1

      Using CF9, trying to create a simple chart with two series.  Problem is that when there are no values, CFCHART draws a line but with values of "0".


      The first series is a set of monthly values (12 values) one for each month in 2011. The second series are also monthly values, but for 2012 YTD (Jan thru May 2012).  Range for all values is between 90 and 100, so I have it set to "scale" so you can see if year-over-year is better or worse. 


      Am trying to plot Series 1 (2011) on one line, and Series 2 on a second line.  This allows comparison of year-over-year results.  Have two QofQ, one that contains the twelve 2011 values, and one that contains the five 2012 monthly values.  X-Axis values are numbers (1-12 for 2011, and 1-5 for 2012).  However, I re-format the results using "CreateDate", so CFCHART can recognize a date, and format/display only the "months" on the chart (i.e., JAN, FEB, MAR....... DEC).   This is working, since bottom of chart shows JAN thru DEC.


      The chart displays 2011 correctly with 12 points and a line.  But for 2012, it displays the 5 points (Jan-May) with their values, then displays Jun-Dec 2012 with values of ZERO.  So on the May 2012 plot, you have this big line that runs from 90% in May, down to 0% in Jun, then 0% for the rest of 2012.  I only want it to plot the 2012 line thru May.


      If you remove the 2011 series from the CFCHART, it displays correctly, and only displays the 5 months in 2012 (Jan-May).   And if you remove the 2012 series, it displays correctly, with all 12 months in 2011.

      I just need it to display exactly like that, when two CFCHARTSERIES are used.   Even if you <CFOUTPUT> the 2012 query, you get 5 items, Jan-May.  So not sure why it want to chart 12 items for 2012, with all ZEROs for June - Dec 2012.


      Appreciate any help/advise on how to get year-over-year lines, with 12 data points for 2011 and 5 for 2012.