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    Adobe Media Encoder creates corrupt H264 mp4 file

    pjbarbour Level 1

      I am using Premeire Pro CS5 and exporting an H264 mp4 file from a 720x480 timeline.  For one of the files I am exporting, AME completes the export, i.e. I see a green check mark.  But the file is corrupt.  When I try to open the file with Quicktime, I get the following error:


      "The operation couldn't be completed - (OSStatus Error - 12848)"


      The strange thing is that other timelines exported without any problem.  And this particular timeline I could export using different (but very similar) export settings.  The only thing I'm changing is the video bitrate.  I'm actually creating three different videos for adaptive bitrate streaming, 300k, 550k, and 800k, all from the same video.  The 300k version is the only one that won't work.  But again, what is strange is that other timelines export out fine using the same exact 300k export settings.  It's just this one timeline that won't export without getting the mentioned error.