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    Removing a color throughout the design

      I have an image that is composed of light colors yet it was removed from an image which contained a harsh dark background. I would like to remove all #000000 and similar left overs. There has to be hundreds at the borders. The magic wand didn't do such a great job when I cut it out. I prefer to work around making it a gif 16bit as it will lose to much definition. Any ideas? Masking is not an option. The edges are too complex. Any ideas are welcome. Thanks!
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          SiamJai Level 2

          Originally posted by: riichieg
          I would like to remove all #000000 and similar left overs.

          When you say "remove", do you mean delete the pixels that have that particular color, or just make them invisible? If the latter is an option, you could play around with the Replace Color Tool.

          It's difficult to give further ideas without seeing the specific image, but I'd recommend setting the From color to Black #000000, the To color to whatever lighter color you'd like it to blend in with, the Tolerance value very low, and the Strength value very high.

          Hopefully that'll be of some help. :)
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            heathrowe Most Valuable Participant
            You will need to post your image.
            It's difficult to decipher what exactly you are doing.

            If you are, exporting to gif, with transparency and you are seeing 'fringe' pixels around the image, ensure Index Transparency is selected for the Gif output and choose a Matte color that best resembles the webpage background color.

            If you are using the Magic Wand to select colors, you will have to explore the Tolerance control in the PI for best results. I also recommend applying a Mask once you are happy with the selection results, so that you can refine the Mask if you still need to eliminate/hide stray/leftover pixels.

            Finally. if your image subject consists of shapes/angularly objects, try isolating it with the Pen Tool (No Fill/ No Stroke) / a path. Then select both the Path and Image Layer in the Layers Panel, then Modify > Mask > Group As Mask.

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