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    Screen tip for link from image is broken

    HKabaker Level 2
      Here's a commonly used procedure to make an image a hyperlink:

      1. Insert an image.
      2. Do not supply Screen tip text in the image dialog.
      3. Insert a hyperlink into the image -- to display a popup, or to jump to another topic.
      4. Enter Screen tip text for the link, such as, "Click to see more."
      5. Generate WebHelp, with the option checked for W3C Compliant topics.
      6. Generate WebHelp to another folder, with the option not checked.


      In W3C Compliant topics, in IE 6 and in IE 7
      1. The Screen Tip text does not appear.
      2. The link works.

      In non-compliant topcs, both work.

      In Firefox (released yesterday), the screen tip and link both work, in both Compliant and non-Compliant topics.

      Looking at the "compliant" code, RH has added alt="" near the end because I didn't supply Screen tip text for the image. When I remove this little bit, IE shows the "Click for details" tip for the hyperlink.

      By the way, I'm running RH 7.01.001 on Win XP, IE 6 and IE 7 on different PCs, and Firefox