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    State Mac or PC

    DMHP Level 1

      It might be helpful if people mentioned in their posts if they are on PC or Mac when they ask or answer a question. It seems there are often differences in the problems and solutionns based on platform OS and hardware. But especially PC or Mac info. Thanks.

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          Jon Chappell Level 3

          I've often thought it would be useful to have separate forum categories for Mac and PC, like Avid has.

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            Stephen_Spider Level 3

            Anybody posting a question really needs to list all their system info:

            Platform and OS version.


            RAM amount?

            Graphics Card (MPE Hardware Acceleration)?

            Hard drives set up?

            premiere version?

            Any 3rd party add-ons to Premiere (Fx plug-ins? 3rd party i\o card like matrox or Black Magic?)


            Source material format specifics(Footage dimensions[1080p? 1080i? 720p?], camera, format\codec, framerate,etc.)

            sequence settings - basically same info as above sans camera info

            output format\codec settings. (Footage dimensions[1080p? 1080i? 720p?], Framerate.

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              leslie wand Level 2

              could perhaps follow scs vegas forum where members list their pc / mac specs in their profile?

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                DMHP Level 1

                I think that is an excellent idea, similar to what is done on Creative Cow. Attach your system info to your profile so it shows up in each message or can at least be linked to. As a Mac user about to embark on 6.0  I have no idea whether  info applies to my situation or not or whether I can be of any help to anyone else because of differences in computer, OS, Version of Premiere, and everything else. Seems to be more problems on the Mac in general and learning how to solve the problem on the PC is often less than useful. How about it Adobe?

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                  Stephen_Spider Level 3

                  I think that would be an excellent addition to the forum.


                  I keep a .txt file with my system info to copy & paste in case I ever have issues. More often I'm pasting from the .txt file that tells users what information they need to provide.

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