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    Debug on android device is completely broken. Any way to get it to work?

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      I have created a project for Android and I am trying to debug it on the device, with Flash Builder 4.6 on Windows.


      I have set up the debug configuration properly.


      When I try to start debugging, the progress bar gets stuck at "Determining which device to launch the application on" and keeps waiting forever.


      Great. Then I've noticed that when this happens, there are TWO adb.exe processes running. So I've tried by killing one of them, and Eureka!!! This unlocks Flash Builder, which then asks me a stupid question:


      "Adobe AIR is required to install this application: do you want to install it now on the device?"

      This is a stupid question for two reasons:

      1- my project is configured to be exported as an application with captive runtime, but hey, I guess this is not taken into account in debugging (too bad)

      2 - I DO already have the latest version of Adobe AIR installed on the device!!!!!!!!!


      If I select No, the debug is aborted. If I select Yes, it does some stuff, and then gets stuck at "Installing Adobe AIR..." and keeps waiting forever.



      Yes, USB debugging is of course enabled on the device. Ah, it's a Samsung Galaxy Tab.


      So, is there a way to get debugging to work on Flash Builder 4.6, or is it just hoplessly broken?




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          Well, I see part of the problem is that AIR for android is itself broken. I install it on the device (from the Google Play Store), then it says it has been installed correctly, and then it is not installed.


          I have an AIR application that I had installed previously, and when I attempt to launch it, it asks me whether I want to install Adobe AIR (which I have already installed like 10 times)


          If I install Adobe AIR and then IMMEDIATELY run that application, then it launches!! But then, the next time I try, it will ask me again whether I want to install adobe AIR.