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    Question about audio


      Hey all,


      Downloaded the CS6 trial yesterday and taking it for a spin. I've used After Effects tons, but never really got in to Premiere.


      Now that I realize I need to get away from FCP7, I decided to try things in Premiere. I am working on a trailer for a film at school, so I XML'ed the file over.


      First thing I noticed is that the audio sounded so much nicer . I've always HATED the way Final Cut handled audio... creating strange pops and clicks for no apparent reason.


      Anyhow, not everything transferred 100%, which is fine, so i'm going around trying to fix stuff. The thing I liked about audio in FCP7 was that I could add a filter and it would apply itself to both channels. If I change the left channel, the right also changes.


      This doesn't seem to be the case in Premiere (at least how mine is set up). I have an audio clip, left and right channel. When I went to adjust the volume I saw there are volume effects applied to each channel, but changing the left doesn't change the right. I got around this by right clicking on the clip in the timeline and adjusting the gain, but the same thing happens when I apply a filter. It appears that the clips are linked together.


      Is there a way for me to automatically adjust effect values on left and right channel simultaneously?


      Many thanks,


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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          Not really. You could map your mono source tracks as the left and right of a stereo track; do this in the Project Panel by right-clicking and going to Modify > Audio Channels. You'd have to mess with the panning and sequence track types in order to replicate the same output mapping, but it would let you apply one instance of an effect versus two.


          Alternatively--and it's not that classy either--you can apply the effect to one channel, tweak it, and then copy to the other channel. Lather, rinse, repeat. That will get monotonous, but if you don't have to do a lot of this, it's not too bad.


          Alternate alternative: you could try doing this with track effects and submixes in the Audio Mixer. I'm not that adept at such things, but there is flexibility there. It might be a bit more involved than what you're wanting to do, however.


          Bottom line is that there is no clean and easy way to do what you're accustomed to doing. If you want this, definitely file a feature request: Adobe Feature Request/Bug Report Form

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            dh91 Level 1

            Thanks for the response.


            Although it is a pain that this specific feature is not in CS6, copying the filter to the other track only takes a second and is hassle-free.

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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              If I change the left channel, the right also changes.


              Stereo audio normally comes into PP as a single clip, with left and right channels together in the same track.  So whatever you do to that clip affects both left and right.  It's FCP's method of handling them separately that got you stuck on this project.  But as you start new projects in PP, you may find it easier.

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                Hindsight_Productions Level 1

                As Jim Simon indicates, normally this is not a problem, as the two channels are on one track together in Premiere Pro.  Use Dynamiclink to pull the audio tracks over to Audition and have them combined into one track.

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                  Butch2oc Level 1

                  You can modify audio tracks before they are placed on the timeline (project window - select clip - modify audio channels)... but beware....

                  Prem 5.5 does not remember the modification if you moved project to another machine or relink media for any reason.

                  You can save yourself if you do, with the audio option in prefs (audio channels default track format) it's default is (use file) to import.

                  You can change that setting to get what you want also