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    MPEG-2 Problems

    JMicPower Level 1

      I use Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 on a MacBook Pro with 4GB RAM.

      I have a few MPEG-2 (.VOB) files that I want to edit. They are 576i files whose bit-rate is about 8/9 Mbps. When I play them in Quicktime, they are normal, but when I import them into Premiere Pro and play them in the Source Monitor, they become visibly pixelated and distorted for about a second after most shot changes and at other random intervals. The sound can also go out of sync. The problem remains when I export from Premiere. As seen as the file is fine before import, it seems that the problem happens during import.

      The project's settings is the "DV - PAL" "Standard 48kHz" preset. I'm not sure what the field dominance is, and I don't know how to find out. Strangely (and this could be important), Premiere Pro seems to think that the video is progressive scan, even though 1) it isn't and 2) the project's settings are interlaced with lower field dominance.

      I've been struggling for weeks to find a solution to the problem but nothing seems to work. I have a feeling that it's something simple that I've missed, but I need help, as I'm new to Premiere Pro.