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    Peculiar behavior in a PDF created in Indesign




      I have a 20 page newsletter pdf with about 12 articles. At the top of the first page there's our text logo, and just below it is a table of contents compiled using table of contents styles (btw this pdf was compiled in Indesign 5.5) and just below that is the first article, then below that, the second.. and so on. At the bottom of each page there's a "return to the table of contents" button that shoots the reader back up to the TOC on the first page when clicked, in addition to a page number. There is also a header with the name of the publication and issue number..


      the problem I'm having is, when scrolling through the first article on the first page with the down arrow key, once I get to the bottom of the first page, the cursor then shoots back up to the table of contents. WHat I would like it to do is just scroll down to the next page. Once I get to the bottom of the first page the second time, the cursor jumps down to the bottom of the second page, straight to the page number, a few more taps of the down arrow key takes the cursor up to the header on page 2


      I'd like the down arrow scrolling to just go through the articles and skip the page numbers and other header/footer items. Any thoughts? I posted this initially in the Acrobat forums with no luck. Someone suggested toggling the Initiial view properties and Page Display Toolbar, but none of those solved my problem. Any suggestions would be appreciated..


      What I'm thinking is just rasterizing the header and footer items so PDF readers dont see them as text, but that doesnt solve my TOC problem. Thanks in advanced