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    I've Lost Both of My raid 0 Arrays

    Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

      Windows 7 Pro




      I have 10 drives in all including:


      Two x 300Gb Velociraptor in a raid0

      Two x 1Tb WD Blacks in a raid 0


      System was very slow to start up today, and both raid 0 are missing from My Computer, and do not appear in the Disk Management window.


      The raid 0 are connected to the Intel headers and use an Intel driver that (I think) Eric advised when I built the system a few months back.


      I'm guessing that as both arrays are gone, it is either a driver issue, or motherboard.


      I have not tried a System Restore yet, because I installed the Photoshop CS6 full release a day or so ago, and I am trying to find out if a System Restore is going to lose that installation without it being deactivated.  I guess the answer to that is 'Yes it is' and I am going to have to deactivate it and reinstall it after the install.


      BTW  I do have Shadow Protect backing up the raid 0.   One of those arrays has my video projects with hundreds of hours invested, and the other has My Documents.  So I'd not be happy if I had not got that backup!!!