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    Where is Adobe PDF Toolbar in Firefox 12?


      I'm running Adobe Acrobat Pro V9.5.1. Firefox is V12. I'm a recent convert to Firefox.


      There is NO Adobe PDF Toolbar available from the Firebox toolbar menu. However, there IS a plugin that is enabled: Adobe Acrobat


      I went into the installation application for Acrobat and Firefox was nowhere to be found among the Acrobat PDFoptions where you can choose "one-click creation of an Adobe PDF from popular applications". Among the selections were MS Office, MS Visio, MS Publisher, MS Internet Explorer, Lotus Notes, etc. NO Firefox.


      My Acrobat is up to date.


      The Adobe PDF Toolbar has always been available to me on Internet Explorer - for years now!


      Does this mean there is no toolbar availabe for Acrobat Pro? I can do the workarounds others have suggested, but the toolbar is faster and offers more (at least in IE).


      Does anyone have any up to date answers?

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          jeffrycalhoun Level 1

          I have Firefox 12 and Acrobat Pro 10.  There is an add-on called Adobe Acrobat-Create PDF 1.2 that appears in the tool bar to convert pages. Older versions of Acrobat Pro are not compatible with the newer versions of FireFox.  You will need to upgrade to Acrobat Pro 10, or use a different browser.



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            Hey guys, finally solved this!


            Using:  Firefox version 17.0.1 and Adobe Acrobat X Pro (version 10.1.4)


            I was looking for the Convert to PDF toolbar similar to IE and it wasn't visible in

            Firefox.  Here are the steps to make it visible:


            a. First in Firefox make sure to enable the Adobe Acrobat Extension:

                Tools ==> Add Ons  ==> Extensions ==> Adobe Acrobat - Create PDF 1.2  ==> Enable


            b. Add the Converter into the Firefox Toolbar:

                View ==> Toolbars  ==> Customize  ==> Drag the Convert icon to the Adobe Toolbar


            There it is.  The Convert To PDF now appears in the Firefox toolbar:  (see graphic below):



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              Thank you so much Q894I. I have tried and tried to figure this out. Perfect!

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                WOW - This was almost great for me - have been searching for answer for 2 years - obviously not every day.  Followed all he steps in a. - that worked fine.  Followed all the steps in b. but when I got to the last one, the icon was not in the box of choices.  Thansk in advance for your assistance.  Windows 7 - Firefox 25.0.1