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    Proxy - no box appears


      the help menu and any online tutorial I've seen says there's a box that supposed to appear next to the footage when you create a proxy. I am using AE 5.5 on a PC. I select the footage and "create proxy." The proxy appears in my project window, but neither the proxy nor the original footage has a box next to it.

      Is there a preference I need to set?

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          Jeff Almasol Adobe Employee

          There shouldn't be any preference to set. The box should appear to the left of the footage item's name in the Project panel. When you select the footage item in the Project panel, do you see two sets of info about it to the right of the thumbnail image (at the top of the panel)? If so, there is proxy footage associated, and the box control to the left of the footage item's name can be clicked to toggle between the original and proxy footage.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Provide a screenshot. I get the feeling you may simply have shuffled around your columns or shrunk them so nothing remains visible...



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              L_L_I Level 1

              OK I figured this out. It has to do with the Post Render Action setting in the output module. If it is "set proxy" then the box appears next to the footage. If it is "import and replace" no box appears.

              Thanks for responding.