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    JavaScript to Saveas Reader Extended PDF

    JeffBPaarsa Level 1


      Each day I have 30-50 Faxed PDF files I receive as an attachment to my Outlook email box which I process these email at the time of arrival and strip the PDF files and put them inside of a folder.  Then via a Batch JavaScript I process them by putting Checkbox and Textbox Items on them and make them ready for processing by the user via PDF reader... Obviously I can go and Open each Processed PDF and Save them as "Reader Extended PDF with Enable Additional Feature", but I prefer this saving to be done via my JavaScript...


      Some say not possible you can't do it and you need to buy Expensive server for it, or do it one file at a time, some say it can be done via JavaScript... Well I have spent more than 3 days reading articles on the websites and digging and searching for the answer and I have not have much of success...

      I don't have the money to buy that expensive server using my part time job money that pays for this job, I think I can manage to buy another Acrobat Pro X license and put it on the single machine and tell the users to use that machine to update the PDFs. 


      Can anyone tells me if they have done it in an easy way via Java Scripting  "Not looking for Mickey moussing way of doing the job" and if they have done it, I am willing to pay for the Script if it has a nominal and reasonable fee than buying a PDF Pro license.