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    CS5.5 Premiere Problem(s) Please Help!




      I checked the forums methodically and followed all possible solutions but to no avail.


      My computer is a beast; extremely capable for CS5.5

      16GB Ram

      AMD HD 6700 Graphics


      10k Drive


      But for some reason, when I open up the project, CS5.5 gives me the white screen and keeps crashing. It worked perfectly fine on my Dell XPS8300, which only had 6gb of Ram and a cheaper Graphics card. In fact, it was working fine the first day I installed it, but lately, it's been giving me problems.


      This is what I get when I open a project -->

      White Screen.jpg


      Sometimes I can hear audio, sometimes I can't. I checked the AMD website and ran a check on Windows 7 and they say my Drivers are ALL UP TO DATE. I click around for a bit and I get this screen:


      Screen 2.jpg


      ...which then tells me Adobe has had an error, please:


      Screen 3.jpg


      *I uninstalled and reinstalled the master suite; still doesn't work.

      *I created a brand new project and imported the sequences; it works a for a bit, but all I hear is audio.

      *I updated Adobe and its drivers; didn't work.

      *I installed all relevant CODECs; didn't work.


      It's weird because it works absolutely fine in After Effects but in Premiere, it keeps crashing.


      Also, when I start a brand new project, it will play and when I save and exit and then re-open, it doesn't work!!! It gives me the above problems.


      What can I do???