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    Premiere CS 6 playback on 2nd Monitor..


      Hi Folks,


      Just uninstalled 5.5 and now I see that none of the sequence settings have playback on second monitor option. Actually Playback Setting

      button is grayed out. Even if I try to create a custom seq.


      Using Mac 10.6.8

      Premiere CS 6

      I have Redrocket card Installed

      and also BMD Declink Studio 2


      Any Ideas ?


      Koray Birand


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          petergaraway Adobe Employee

          Hi Koray,


          We've changed where you access 2nd head out and other devices in CS6.


          Try these steps:


          1. From the file menu choose Premiere Pro>Preferences>Playback settings


          You should see your monitors listed under video devices.


          Hope this helps!


          Peter Garaway

          Premiere Pro QE

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            Toon&Beeld Level 1

            I use CS6 on a windows PC, triede the same bute no response on the second monitor.


            I use a Quadro 4000: DVi is for the PC the Display export supports a second Acer monitor, and I like to have the edited film paying back also on this acer monitor. I only can do this by dragging the program-window to this monitor.


            Is it an option to find a setting when starting playback the film pays back on the second monitor.


            BTW all the monitors ( 2)  are shown in the playback settings. But no result choosing them.