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    PrE 9 Crashing

    Paul P Clarke

      I got a canon vixia hf m41 avchd camera last year and bought PrE9 for editing. I took 4 hours of video on a trip to Madagascar and edited it and made a dvd with no problems. I am currently working on an other batch of video and I keep getting the 'windows encountered a problem' message and the program crashes. The only difference between the two projects is I shot the madagascar video using the fxp setting in the camera and the current video using the slightly higher quality mxp setting. The only difference I can find between them is that the latter uses 24mbs bitrate and the former 17mbs. Thanks to the many contributors to this forum I was able to determine that there are no problems with the codecs. The project setting (hd 1080) and files match. I ran event viewer and found the following,

      Faulting application Adobe Premiere Elements.exe, version, time stamp 0x4d01cdbb, faulting module atioglxx.dll, version, time stamp 0x46aff59c, exception code 0xc0000005, fault offset 0x003a8338, process id 0x1a40, application start time 0x01cd2d2c2d48f760.

      I googled atioglxx.dll and found some info on fixing problems with this file. This site,   http://www.topregistrysolutions.com/dll.php?cd=AWCreg129 ,has a download for fixing atioglxx.dll problems but  I don't like to use this type of site unless I'm sure of it. The following are my computer specs, (is there a way to include them in my signature).


      DELL XPS 420, VISTA HOME PREMIUM, INTEL CORE2 QUAD CPU Q6600@ 2.4 GHZ, 3GB MEMORY, 320 GB HARD DRIVE, 1.5 TB 2ND DRIVE, ATI RADEON HD2600XT GRAPHICS CARD. So I guess my question is, could the higher bit rate be causing a problem. Or did I develope a problem with the atioglxx file between the two projects or is there anything else I could check.

      Paul Clarke

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          JMJarrige Level 2

          My Premiere V9 software on my Vista PC is 9.0.1... : did you get the sotware updates from Adobe for your

          Premiere Elements ? It seems you are at 9.0.0.

          I am not sure it could solve your issue, but it seems important to be at the good software level.

          Second point : I personnaly use HDV and DV formats mainly, but I have read that PR Elements V9 does not

          support all HD levels, as 50p (what we have in Europe corresponding to the 60p US), although 50i is

          fully supported. Is there a link with the fxp/mxp settings ?

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            Paul P Clarke Level 1

            My Pre is version 9.0.1. The only difference between the mxp and fxp is the bitrate, 24mbs versus 17mbs. So either pre or the computer can't handle the higher quality video or something else has caused the atioglxx.dll to fail. I might shoot some video this weekend at the fxp setting and see can I edit it.