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    Don't you guys (staff) miss Cool Edit Pro's editing?

    Dariodee Level 1

      Hi, devs.
      You guys might want to do some research on how all the former Cool Edit Pro users felt about the introduction of Audition's new way of navigating the interface. (referring to how you left and right-click in the standard edit view, and do that type of basic editing.) I haven't used Cool Edit Pro in long enough that my memory might not be 100% accurate, but I do at least remember never getting used to the new Audition-style gestures... (even when I switched back to the old-style right-clicking.)


      Some of Audition's editing has bothered me for a long time. Audition surely brought advances to Cool Edit Pro, but it seems that a few of the most important things also took a slide.


      Now that CS6 once again defaults to the Cool Edit Pro right-click (really nice), other oddities have arisen, like: when your sound is playing, left-clicking to change position does nothing at all, at least as far as I can tell. It puts a dotted line, but nothing can be done with it. If a sound is currently playing, the only way to jump to a different location is to completely stop the audio, click somewhere else, then play again. (Is that slow, or is that slow?) I think this at least needs some options under Preferences>>Playback.


      Another angle to look at this is: find out if the majority of the Audition staff even like these changes, vs. Cool Edit Pro's style. I don't see how they could, at least if they were ever comfortable with Cool Edit Pro.




      Update: (Also, what about using middle-mouse-click to move the Playhead (current playing location) without losing your selection? Currently, you have to click that bar at the top, which most users probably won't discover, unless they follow an actual training course. You need to find a way to get these things across to people, or the vast, vast majority of users - like myself - will be editing in "this program is junk" mode. I don't think it's junk, but that doesn't stop me from often having a hard time with new things that require psychic insight to understand.


      Users aren't psychic. If you don't explain to them how to use features, then those features don't exist. (and if they aren't going to go out and find training material themselves, or read the help files, then you either have to provide something up-front yourself, or you're ruined. I think too many companies dont understand this. Autodesk seems to, providing videos that show the basics, right on the bootup Welcome Screen. I think that's very important.)

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          Just to answer one of your questions (clearly I'm NOT an Adobe staffer):


          Whilst audio is playing if you click anywhere on the Timeline (above the waveform) the Play Head will immediately move to that point and play from it.  (Another tip I previously picked up from one of the far-more-experienced users here.)




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            Dariodee Level 1

            Actually, I referred to that feature when I mentioned, "Currently, you have to click that bar at the top, which most users probably won't discover..." Or perhaps you commented while I was updating my post.

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              Ya - i used cool edit from the first (when was that, '95?) -


              Question: since i couldn't find any reference anywhere in adobeland --- does anyone no how to "Zoom to playhead" or "Jump to playhead" in WAVEFORM view? I can barely see the playhead when 'zoomed in' (in the "Zoom navigator")


              I use the mouse to zoom in and out, but i should be able to get to playhead instantly, so i can edit that location, as i arbitrarily "play" and review the audio.


              any ideas?



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                     Cool Edit Pro did set a Standard by which all other Audio Editors had to go by.When it was around.I would love to see What the Creator of this Software (Cool Edit Pro) would have done with it in 2012 and beyond.

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                  Hi ZypKode, I couldn't help but reply to your post: Back before Win 95 I was using Digigram's Xtrack audio editor. It didn't run on Win 3.x because that OS wasn't capable enough. Win 95 just managed that when it came out. I looked at Cool Edit Pro around that time, and it was Ok. But for my work which was a lot of interview recording/editing plus radio programme recording in 4 track (2 tracks for voicing, 1 stereo track for music) Xtrack was way out ahead, in terms of multitrack capability but especially speed of work. Even the waveform display had several options apart from the standard full-wave that every editor, even today uses (Audacity offers a dB display which is better, but nothing like the old Xtrack offering). The option I always used was a half-wave display with just the outline, and it was logarithmic rather than linear. Result was that, without resorting to zooming in and out, you could see the noise floor, see the detail of the person's breath and lip-smack. With a little experience you could do most voice edits just by looking without even listening – which, of course, you did afterward, just to make sure :-)  Producers used to look at me as if I was a magician when doing the edits like that.  If Audition one day offered that as a waveform option, they could put it forward as a revolutionary new experience, since Digigram, better known for their high end audio hardware, dropped Xtrack a few years ago, being too small a company to compete with the big players.