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    Premiere CS6 Audio-Sync Late

    ValerioG Level 1

      I downloaded and installed Adobe Production Premium CS6 TRIAL on two separate PCs and the issue persists on both.


      Basically after I encode with video in WMV v7 codec the audio is in sync at the beginning but drifts over the course of the movie and by the end (100 minutes later) it is late by 3-4 seconds.


      The video and audio are perfectly in sync in the Premiere video monitor, just not after export.


      Both PCs are fairly new, one 9 months old and the other 2 yrs old, plenty of RAM, Windows 7 Professional, etc. The hardware/software does not seem to be the reason anyhow since CS5.5 encodes it just fine, all in sync.


      The source video is a h264 movie, 720x486 1Mbps. I have a timeline where I match that to a French MP3 audio and export it to the following video/audio specs. The MP3 portion makes no difference since even just exporting the h264 by itself to the codec specs below will result in the original English audio track being late. Even using a different source format makes no difference, same late audio results.


      I tried exporting both directly and from Adobe Media Encoder, same result (as I would have expected).


      The export format is this:


      Windows Media Video Version 7

      720x486 Progressive

      CBR, 500kbps

      50% quality

      1 second keyframes

      5 seconds buffer


      Windows Media Audio 9.2

      128kbps Stereo 48kHz


      The same exact timeline exported using Premiere CS5.5 work just fine, as I mentioned earlier.


      I tried exporting another timeline to QuickTime Animation (it just happened to be the codec we used for that high-res project) and that is in sync.


      At this point I am at a loss since the sync issue can't be due to the fact that this is the TRIAL version, it would make no sense since the WMV codec is free.


      I think this is clearly a bug. What do you think? Any help is appreciated.