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    Brush wont show in ACR 7.1


      I can use the brush, I can clicking ctrl change its size, but it wont show its dimension while I'm using it.

      Is that right???


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          Jeff Schewe Level 5

          Uh...not enough info to go on...What OS? What vid card? If you are not seeing the inner'outer brush circles, then something is wrng–and we can only guess. That's not the way it works here.

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            - Archee -

            The reason for that is that CR 7.1 uses same engine as PS CS6, CTR will zoom in, try to pres right click mouse and while holding drag mouse right left  or up down for size,  for smoothness shfit right click.


            Also If this won't show, I  would suggest you update your graphic driver to latest version. I"m sure in next few days new Drivers will be released. Not that Nvidia, ATI and all othe rmajor suppliers of VGA already had testing and functioning versions of CS6.

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              Charl8 Level 1

              You're right, I'm sorry. OSX 10.6.8. Intel HD Graphics, Nivida GeForce GT330M.

              I can see the inner and the outer brush circles only when clicking ctrl.

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                - Archee - Level 1

                Try to toggle between tools and see by pressing K or B if you get anything. The spot healing brush and brush should pretty much work on same mechanism.

                Also see if you have in PS set up special keys or if you load the presets from something that might be conflicting the native or default set . CTR shoudl give you zoom in not brush size, unless you changed that in preferences.


                It might not play a role but I would also clean the cache and try with 8 bit file.

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                  Charl8 Level 1

                  Thanks everyone!

                  I've cleaned cache but, apparently it does not affect the problem. Bit either. I haven't change keys presets. If I have the brush selected ctrl affects brush size an feather. Toogle between K and B seems not to influence. But after having shut and reopened ACR in Bridge and in PS several times sometimes brush circles do appear, sometimes not. Apparntly this problem happens more often when opening ACR from Bridge.

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                    - Archee - Level 1

                    I would uninstall graphics card driver and install them back. Sometimes things like this are related. I had this issues while testing CS3 beta that was due to the fact I didn't new Wacom drivers and new Nvidia driver


                    so if you are in same possition updated them.


                    If you are running LR and PS try to open the file withing LR ro Bridge as smart object  so it won't show the dialog at the begining but only after you double click on the layer with smart object to edit the smart obje


                    I would also uninstall camera raw, run some registry cleaner for mac and then install the acr 7.1 back

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                      Noel Carboni Level 8

                      Charl8 wrote:


                      OSX 10.6.8. Intel HD Graphics, Nivida GeForce GT330M.


                      Photoshop has never dealt well with multiple different graphics adapters in the same system.  Frankly this mix and match between GPUs from two different vendors (that don't like one another) in Macbooks has always seemed like a bad idea to me.


                      Try disabling the power-saving logic so that only the nVidia display adapter is used.  I have seen that help others.