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    Set up document setting, screen adjustment in flash CS5 for an animated swf file


      Hi All,


      I have a small problem. I have created a small smiley animation in flash and facing a problem related to screen adjustment (resolution in pixels) in document setting of Flash CS5. During exporting the source in swf file. The smile face is fit exactly to the flash screen from three sides (left, right and bottom) but the top contains extra space, due to masking graphics of eye lids (occopying document area too).


      In flash document properties I have checked to Match Contents so the auto size is 164x163.45 pix but I want 164x145 pix , by manually adjusting screen size the graphics goes out of the screen.


      There is a solution. I.e making the all animation in movie clip a single file and then adjusting the size according to flash document display size but i dont want to convert the animation into mocie clip.


      Any expert can give me hint?



      Please check attachments.