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    Bug in Tone Curve / Point

    Paulo Ricca


      There is a bug that's been haunting me for quite some time. I'm using Camera Raw 7.0 on OSX.

      I open image A and B on Camera Raw. Edit the curves for A (RGB, R, G and B curves) and then for B (also, all RGB components + the global RGB curve) then when I go back to A, lets say the Green component is selected, if I change it in any way, it will load the RGB, R and B curves from image B, instead of image A, so suddently the image shifts in colour!

      What I have to do to avoid this is everytime I want to change one curve component, I have to select the RGB, R, G and B channels one by one, to force it to load the correct curves.... which is quite annoying.


      Is this happening to anyone else?