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    Headers and Footers

      Good Afternoon,
      I am having a few issues w/ Headers/Footers in an online help system i am designing using RoboHelp v6. I have created a template and in the template there is a logo in the header that i have added a hyperlink to that is used to link back to the "home" page of the help system.

      I am having 2 issues w/ this approach;
      1) I have assigned the template to every topic, but for some reason the logo containing the hyperlink is only appearing on certain pages of the help system (both when compiled and viewed as well as in the WYSIWYG in RoboHelp) - any idea how to fix this?

      2) After compiling the help system with Webhelp as the primary layout when i am clicking through the help system, the pages with the logo only have the pages the first time i visit the topic. For instance, there is a topic called "printers." In the WYSIWYG i have been able to attach the logo w/ the hyperlink via the use of the template. When I publish the help system and navigate to the "printers" page I see the logo. When I click the logo it takes me back to the home page of the help system as it should. Howver, the next time I visit the "printers' page, the logo is missing - any idea how to fix this?