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    Strange behavior of flex4 service call


      Hi Techies, I am stuck with strange behavior of flex4 service call. Our is a dashboard application where i have four modules(separae file for each) in a page. when page renders all these modules makes separate service call through remote objects. Though destination file is same but methods are separate for each modules. db+java takes 5 second for 1 and 3 module, 9 seconds for third module and 15 seconds for 4th module. Sinch LCDS calls are asynchronous ideally after 5 seconds module 1 and 2 should display data. similarly for 3rd module after 9seconds. For my wonder it doesnt go this way. data for all the modules appears simultaneously after 15-16 seconds.  It behaves like when data for all the modules is available then only it populates charts and grids. Looks like call is being made in sequence and once maximum taking method is done then control returns back to flex. Any pointer will be helpful to improvise this.