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    fields visible/invisible when checkbox checked/or unchecked

    milly mac Level 1

      Despite getting some very valuable help in this forum with a javascript code, I still cannot get the checkbox to uncheck.  The goal is to check a checkbox (or radio button) and doing so will make boxes/information underneath visible. 

      The code given to me was:








      I was advised to put it on the "initialize" and and the "change" events.  It works beautifully except for 1 major flaw, I can't now uncheck the box to make the boxes underneath not visible.  Neither the checkbox nor the radio button will "uncheck" or turn off.


      Any advice on how to make the box uncheck and therefore hide the information underneath?  Alternately, someone mentioned the "switch" command to me - would this work?


      Thanks very much for any help/guidance.