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    Spreads when creating an SWF file?

    Rhys TW



      Hope this is in the right place and I manage to explain it correctly!


      I've created a company brochure [for print] in InDesign that my boss now wants to pop on a CD to send out to potential clients. I'd recommend a PDF but she wants to include a page-turn feature - I'm not the greatest fan of these but never mind.


      I wasn't sure a 'physical' file could be created, to burn onto a CD, that would include the page-turn feature, but our web developer has asked me to save my INDD as a SWF file [make sure the page-turn box is ticked] and he'll handle the rest.


      My problem though concerns setting out the artwork so it can be used 'like a book'. My pages are all set out as double-page-spreads in InDesign [except for page 1 and 8, as that's the front and back cover] and I tick the 'spreads' box in the SWF options - doing this combines page 1 and 8 into a double-page-spread, which I don't want. If I DON'T tick the 'spreads' box obviously it saves all the pages individually and it doesn't 'act' as a book would.


      What do I need to do so the SWF file saves page 1 [the front page] on it's own, and then when I fold over the page it opens out into the first double-page-spread, ending with page 8 by itself.


      Hope that makes sense. Thanks in advance.

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          Rik Ramsay Level 4

          Maybe someone knows of a simpler way but I got around it by adding an extra page before 1 and after 8 (so you will end up with 5 double-page spreads), then set the background color of those extra pages to match the background in the swf file (For the colors to match, you will need to use an RGB color for the background). That way although the page is there, you can't see it and the swf book works as normal. Just be careful to amend the page numbers if you have any.

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            Petteri_Paananen Level 4

            With ID CS5 or newer instead of adding extra pages you can simply enlarge the size of the first and last page to match the size of spread. That way you won´t have any issues with automatic page numbering.