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    Director Podcast # 39 Posted - Alternatives?

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      Hey Director Podcast Fans!

      Just to let you know our newest show is ready to download! LOTS of listener feedback (both good and bad) and bringing back our "Tech Note Of The Week." We also talk about some other cool technologies out there in addition to our latest poll results. Entered our Itunes Comment Contest? Come find out who the winner is!

      If you are subscribed in Itunes already, just update your podcasts and you will find our new episodes there for your listening pleasure.

      For those of you that do now know about our podcasts, please visit http://director.magicgate.com

      We also have a search engine for searching through our podcasts. Once again, check out the podcast page for more information.

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          Is anyone else having problems with this site? I've listed to three of
          these so far, and every single time, it crashes my browser the first time I
          try to listen. Always works the second time, but crashes the first. Using
          WinXP, Firefox, latest patch, nothing particularly unusual in terms of
          plug-ins. I don't believe in iTunes, so I always go to the direct MP3 link.
          Just curious if it's just me.