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    Audio/Animation Issue


      Is there a work around to getting audio and animation to play correctly on a slide?

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          mkalyanp Level 2



          can you please be more specific on the issue you are facing?

          Is it that the animations are not playing or audio ?



          Mahesh Nayak

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            MikeMcC01 Level 1

            The audio and animations are not syncing up correctly in the output file. They play correctly however when played/viewed in Presenter.



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              mkalyanp Level 2



              Usually the audio sync with animation works.

              Can you please send the presentation along with the assets folder, since I cannot help without seeing the issue you are facing

              Please send the files to mkalyanp@adobe.com



              Mahesh Nayak

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                We are publishing with update 7.0.7, in Windows 7, and IE9.  We are importing all audio and then syncing with the files.  The files include anywhere from 140-165 slides with multiple quizzes throughout.  We are formatting quz slides on the slides, coloring the quiz buttons and individualizing font size as needed.  When we make edits on actual quiz stems, some of our designers go into the Quiz tool and some make the edits right on the quiz item slide. All quizzes are set to Optional, infinite attempts.


                The publishing problems we are seeing seem somewhat random with a couple noticable repeat problems  Quiz answers don't show up, people get stuck in quizzes and can't get out and move past and animation is not syncing up when it works fine in the unpublished version.


                Can the amount of animations or quizzes affect play quality?  We've kept animations lower before with about 80 slides and have not seen these problems.  The problem can't be file size b/c files we produced a few years ago with larger audio files work fine. Somehow, the more slides creates more problems. Is it possible that the more demands we make in the file, e.g. more animation, more quizzes,... can that be affecting some of these playback problems we're seeing?

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                  I have the same problem with Presenter 10.


                  After recording narration with clics animation, I go to edit the audio and I see all my clics at the good timing.


                  But when I publish, it's out of synch.



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                    Lagil Level 1

                    Same problem here with Presenter 10...very frustrating!


                    Has anyone found a solution? I read that this problem can occur if there's a mix of "on click" and "start with/after," and one should make them all "on click," but I can't make them all "on click" because some of them are things like a few things fading out while another few things fade in and it all happens too quickly for me to make all that happen with clicks.


                    When my presentations plays, the second graphic, which isn't supposed to appear until the first click, appears on the screen from the beginning of the presentation.


                    This whole thing is SUPER frustrating! I spent a long time getting the sync right and now I don't know what I'm going to do....mkalyanp - are you still offering your services to folks here? I'd be happy to send you the presentation, if you think you can help me....