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    .Shg images converted to .gifs in output, popup funcionality erratic

      Hello all, I just recently published my formerly Winhelp output to Webhelp instead and have been fairly pleased with how everything has converted. It eliminated a lot of display problems. However, I noticed that all of my .shg images using popups/jumps were converted to .gif images and placed in a folder titled 'images' in my Webhelp output. Strangely enough some of these .gif images still show popups in the output, however others do not and are non-interactive. I can't see any difference between those that still function as .shg and those that are now static.

      Any advice? Or instructions on how to publish Webhelp as that my .sgh images remain such and continue to display the linked popups?

      Details: RH7 for Word, XP is my OS and I used Word 2003.