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    Using ColdFusion's built in install of ANT

      Has anyone used the internal instance of ANT packaged with CF to run a different build file? I want to run an automated install of a CF app on a remote server that I don't have access to to install ANT seperately. The server DOES have CF installed and I know CF contains ANT (<cfroot>/lib/ant.jar) - has anyone leverage it to run a seperate build? So I'd like to deploy my ANT script to this remote server along with a zip of my source code and run CF's version of ANT from the command line to install the source. Anyone have a better idea if I can't install ANT seperately?
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          I don;t know anything about the built in Ant install on ColdFusion, but I can suggest that you don't need Ant installed on the server to be able to use Ant to manipulate what is on the server. how would you normally manipulate what is on the server? Through network directories? FTP? SFTP? Telnet? If so, you could do those things with Ant running on your local machine just by automating what you would normally do.

          Make sense?