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    Time Code on AVCHD  (CS6)

    ExactImage Level 3

      Since both Prelude and Premiere Pro know about the capture time on AVCHD material not having embedded time code, is there any way to have Premiere Pro use this as the start time for timecode instead of always forcing to 00:00:00:00? 


      It's pretty frustrating that I can't sort clips based on "time" when some clips (e.g. Canon XF) have time code but not capture time and others (Canon XA10) have capture time and not time code!


      Prelude appears to have a user defined start time code, how can we make that work with Premiere?   

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          Superbly posed question.


          I just stumbled on PL today and I got very excited about all the possibilities. For those into documentaries and other loosely scripted program, this piece of software from Adobe is a god sent. I got even more anthusiastic when I saw that I could assign a specific timecode to each particular file; and for a guy with a DLSR such possibilies would definitely a time saver if not a game changer.


          But that added or (created) information doesn't seem to travel with the media into Premiere Pro. I'm far from being a technician but I cannot think of any logical way such portability would technically be impossible since other metadata alreeady travel with the media through XMP. What a shame it would be for Adobe to not go the extra mile to satisfy the DSLR crowd which, quite frankly, had been the reason behind the company's recent front and center positioning on the NLE's scene.

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            carl nes

            Yes, it's strange we don't have a more elegant sollution for this. Hopefully it can be added in a .0x update.


            One tip for sorting AVCHD footage in premiere: In metadata panel, search for "shot date". This will make it possible to sort footage based on recorded time stamp. But it doesn't solve the workflow issue, especially because I got other footage, e.g. P2, that requires me to sort on e.g. "Media start".


            Unfortenatly I haven't looked at PreLude yet, but it seemes very nice for ingesting and logging. To me a part of that process would be to sync HDSLR footage with separately recorded audio. Is that possible? (being dependent on PluralEyes I fear the answer is no)

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              shooternz Level 6

              Sorry guys but I am am not sure what you are saying about your Time Code!


              My AVCHD footage in CS6 shows the source footage timecode and I can easily sort clips based on TC Start or TC finish etc.


              Are you guys talking about a camera TC issue maybe?


              BTW - you can Post TC to clips in Premiere if that helps.

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                ExactImage Level 3

                Not all cameras record timecode, but they do record 'shot time'.  Since there is no timecode (it's 00:0:00:00) it would be useful to replace the 00:00:00:00 timecode with the shot time so that we can sort ALL shots (including those cameras that DO have timecode) based on the timecode / shot time instead of being able to sort on one OR the other, but not both.


                This really does slow down some of our editing.


                You can't even edit / post the timecode on these clips manually because the timecode element is grayed.  If it had been enabled we would have done that already

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                  shooternz Level 6

                  Surprised yo cant post TC to any clip.. but I kind of get it as well.


                  Only can suggest..use cameras that can give you timecode ..if thats what you need in post.


                  Making a movie is about the total workflow efficiency and planning around the workflow.

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                    If we could post a new TC to the clip (metadata???) it would solve things easily.


                    We don't always have control of how footage was recorded, so saying 'only use cameras with TC' doesn't work


                    Not everything it about making movies