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    If original project settings were for HDV Bluray, can project be exported to make a DVD?

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      I completed a project in Premiere Pro CS5, using project settings for Bluray: Capture format HDV;  AVC-Intra; AVC-I 100 1080p 24, w/ 24 fps Timecode.  I made the export, and they turned out beautifully.  However, I now learned that one of my client's family members wd prefer DVD format, as they do not hv Bluray player.  Question is: is it possible to now make a DVD from my oritinal project?  And if so, what are the correct export settings to choose.  I made one attempt, choosing format MPEG2-DVD, NTSC Progressive Widescreen High Quality, and increased the quality slider to max of 5, and the frame rate displayed as 29.97 drop frame.  However, the resulting burned DVD does not play well.  It is jiggly and flickery.  I hv a feeling that the answer is gong to be "no -- you can't go backwards," but I'd like to know definitively.  Thank you.


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