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    Adobe Activation Issue Telephone Support Win

    Noel Carboni Level 8

      I have had Photoshop CS4 installed on two computers, one of which is my main workstation.


      Having replaced my boot drive with an SSD array in my main workstation, and restoring my entire system from a backup, when I went to run my installed copy of Photoshop CS4 for the first time I found that it put up a notice that I had installed in on two "other" computers, and was giving me 30 days to resolve the issue. 


      It had noticed the hard drive change, so I found Adobe's 800 number online and called Adobe telephone support.  After navigating easily through several "If xxxx press 1, if yyyy press 2, etc." questions, I was placed on hold for about 5 minutes.


      When the Adobe support person came on the line he was pleasant, spoke English clearly with only a slight accent, and once I explained the situation he asked me for some information to verify my account.  Once I had done that, he took about 3 minutes to work the licensing system from his side, then asked me to close and restart Photoshop several times, and the problem was resolved.


      I also asked him whether the hard drive change had used up one of my Photoshop CS5 activations, and he verified that it had not.


      It couldn't have been a more pleasant or successful experience.


      People sometimes come onto the forums to complain about bad service, but this was anything but that - everything went very well and Adobe resolved my problem and questions immeditately.


      Well done, Adobe!



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          MikeKPhoto Level 2

          I can also compliement Adobe on great support. Was on teh site looking for details on deactivation for CS5, new computer and needed to deactivate on the old and install on the new. Message pop up from support and they watched me go through the deactivation process, confirmed teh deactivation and the cativation on the new computer. Great customer support indeed.


          My other piece of customer service magic was when installing Photoshop CS6 bought from the store, it stalled at the end of the install and told me I had a pirate version Which was not true. Called support and we managed to get the issue resolved, problem with Akamai. dowloaded the trial and entered my serial number and I was off to the races. Great support there, but gets even better. Next day I get two follow up calls asking if all was still OK and if I needed any further assistance - that is what I call great customer support.


          So Well Done Adobe Indeed



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            Thanks guys, for the REVIEWS, but the forum is generally for helping people with TECHNICAL ISSUES. Thanks again for sharing.