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    Print a select number of spreads within multi-spread brochure?


      Hi everyone,


      I have a 7 panel brochure folded accordian-style. Each panel is 3.5" x 8" so in effect I've set up my IDCS5 document size to that too. I added 7 pages and unchecked "Allow Selected Spread to Shuffle" so that I can put all the panels together.


      Screenshot 2012-05-09 at 12.18.09 PM.jpg


      I need to create a PDF web version of this brochure that only shows specific pages together, say, pages 1-3. When I try to Export as PDF with spreads checked on and specifying the page range, ie: 1-3, it still outputs ALL 7 pages together.


      (I don't want to have to manually crop out pages in Acrobat which is why it's helpful to build the brochure with individual pages for each panel. In theory, then I could output only the pages I want!)


      I tried adding the plus sign: +1-+3 , and that didn't help. It even does this when I print out the document. It does it out of CS4 as well.


      I recall that I used to be able to output only a certain number of pages with a spread series and now it isn't working.


      Am I missing something??


      Thanks in advance!