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    Optimum location for actions

    vinsolo Level 3

      .? In the actions folder within the photoshop app folder, or in the appropriate folder inappsupport of the library folder.


      I seem to have duplicate problems.  Thanks,



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          wbactions Level 1

          Try this tutorial for loading actions into photoshop: http://www.wbactions.com/blog/how-to-install-an-action-pack/


          This will keep it in Photoshop every time for future reference.

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            vinsolo Level 3

            yes, i understand the info and it is well presented. thank you.


            however, my problem is this:


            i have copies of cs4,5, and 6, on my imac, in the applications folder, of course. In each of these 3 versions there is a preset folder and each of these contains an "actions" folder. I have, in many cases, 3 copies of the same actions, one in each folder. it seems that every update populates its own ACTIONS folder.


            Would it not be better to have one folder for all actions to be referenced by  various versions of photoshop, knowing that all actions won't run on all versions. this is esentially true for brushes, scripts, etc.


            i note that, on mac, there is a folder for PRESETS in the library>applicationsupport>adobe>CSX>presets. There is also a set of these folders for each version of photoshop.  BUT THEY ARE ALL EMPTY.


            isn't there a better way?


            thanks so much for your response,



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              Noel Carboni Level 8

              Create a folder somewhere completely separate from Photoshop's installation area.  Surely you keep important files of your own somewhere on your computer, and which you keep backed up.  Make a folder in a place for the long term management of the actions you have obtained or created.  It might even be a good idea to organize it yourself into subfolders below that.  I actually keep all my actions under Subversion control, so I can even track changes.


              Load the actions into Photoshop manually (e.g., by double-clicking the .atn file or using the Load Actions function of the fly-out menu).  Save actions into .atn files by using the Save Actions function in the fly-out menu.


              There's no automatic actions enumeration - Photoshop keeps the actions you have loaded encapsulated in a file in its preferences area. So your .atn files are just receptacles from which you can reload your actions as needed.


              You do NOT want to keep your .atn files anywhere in your Photoshop installation area, because sooner or later you're going to get another version of Photoshop and perhaps you'll clear out the old version's installation area.



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                vinsolo Level 3

                thank you so much, noel.


                i have come to much the same conclusion regarding placement in a special folder.


                i have recenty seeen an image of your photoshop desktop and admired. I am considering changing my own. but, then it somehow feels like a new app that i have to get used to using.