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    Build packaging settings not being saved

    matteosistisette Level 1

      I have an ActionScript Mobile project targeted at Android that I started on a computer, then I copied it to another and kept working from there.

      It uses some native extensions which are included in the project folder.


      EVERY SINGLE TIME I open this project in Flash Builder 4.6, I have to go to Project/Settings/ActionScript Build Packaging/Google Android/Native Extension and check the checkbox "package" for the native extensions I'm using. Otherwise, it obviously gives packaging errors when building the project for debug or release.


      Also, in the "Digital Signature" tab, I have to browse for a valid certificate each time. It still remembers the path of the certificate in the old computer, and even after I select a path to a valid certificate, it's not saved, and I have to browse again the next time I open the project.


      Why the hell are these settings not being saved?

      Is there a fix?




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          matteosistisette Level 1



          Nobody from Adobe is going to say anything about this? WHEN WILL THIS BE FIXED?


          Some people are even PAYING for this sofware, for god's sake!

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            matteosistisette Level 1

            Now I've added a few more ANEs to the project, and this has become UNBEARABLE. I have to manually re-add all of them each time I restart Flash Builder.


            Anyone from Adobe GIVE US A SOLUTION!!!!!!


            Either release an update IMMEDIATELY to fix this issue or give us a feasible workaround.


            Can't you see how serious this is? This makes Flash Builder completely unusable.


            At least TELL ME WHERE ON EARTH are those settings saved: so I may have a look at whether there's something weired with the file permissions and maybe I could find a fix myself. This started happening after I moved the project from a computer to another.


            How can you care so little about your product being unusable?

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              iBr3nt Level 3



              These are community forums, so unless someone in the community has experienced this problem, they could chime in, but yelling for Adobe to listen doesn't work well here. Since you paid for the app you're entitled to tech support. You can file a support ticket through your Adobe account. Log in through the "My Account" link at the top of the Adobe.com website and open a ticket under "My Support".


              Regarding the issue you're having, I think the problem started in how you "copied it to another and kept working from there". From the first computer you had the project on, make sure you exported it as a Flash Builder project, and not just copied the folders over. You can export by selecting the project in the Package Explorer, choose File > Export Flash Builder project, then on the new computer choose File > Import Flash builder project. This should cleanly copy the project over.


              Good luck!



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                matteosistisette Level 1

                Hi iBr3nt,


                Thank you very much for your help.


                Actually I hadn't _exported_ it "the clean way", with Export project, I just copied it, but I DID import it, so if anything was wrong with the project folder, Flash Builder should have warned me when importing (and an error message should be issued every time saving fails, indicating the precise cause of the failure).


                Actually I have finally found the workaround: I deleted the .ActionScriptProperties file after opening the project (I realized these settings were saved there, and I realized the last-modified date of this file hadn't changed since the transfer), I changed the settings once more and I cleaned the project: the file was regenerated and the new settings were saved.


                Regarding nobody from Adobe "chiming in", serious companies who care the slightest bit about the quality of their software, ALWAYS have some employee watching the forums and helping the user community, especially when people from the community are reporting critical bugs, even if it is a community forum. Even Adobe does that with other products they care more about.


                And apparently we have no other place to "yell for adobe to listen". I would file a bug report if they had a public bug tracker for Flash Builder, which they don't. They have bugtrackers for Flash Player and AIR and the like, but the way they manage bug reports is pathetic, anyway.


                And I didn't say I am the one paying for the software. Obviously the people I work for do, not me. I am the one who uses it.

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                  Arijit C Adobe Employee


                    I apologize we did not respond earlier. We'll take a look at this issue right away.


                    We do hope most of the discussions in these forums are driven actively by both the community and Adobe users. It does sometimes happen that the engineering team is busy with the subsequent versions of the product and we fall behind on being involved in the forums.


                     In the future in case you see discussions blocked on an Adobe response for Flash Builder please write to me arijit@adobe.com and I'll help with moving the discussion forward.




                  Engineering Manager | Flash Builder Team

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                    Brijesh P Level 1



                    Flash Builder stores ANE path settings in ".actionScriptProperties" page. Due to machine's folder settings, the ".actionScriptProperties" file becomes read only which prevents the settings to get saved. So, the ideal way to move a project to another machine is using "export-import" workflow. But, if you have copy-pasted the project and in case you get into this problem, then go to folder location of the project and change the permission of  ".actionScriptProperties" file to allow read-write.




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                      matteosistisette Level 1

                      Actually I did look at the file properties of that file, and it was not readonly (as far as Windows could tell) so I had no way to change the permission to read-write.


                      I solved the issue by deleting the file (after opening the project so the stored settings were loaded) and saving the project.


                      I understand the recommended way to move a project is by exporting and importing, but then, Flash Builder should issue a warning when you import a project from a folder, and tell you whatever is wrong with the project. (i did use "import" though I imported from a folder that I had copied from the other machine without "export").

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