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    Auto-populate Fields




      I work for a small manufacturing business based in Los Angeles.  We are currently working on redesigning all of our specification sheets for our products that we can provide for installation/information on our products.  My question is, is there any way to use a "template" (created in InDesign) and automatically populate "fields" by drawing data from a spreadsheet or SQL server database? The point, of course, is to avoid copying and pasting each cell of data from a spreadsheet to a field on the template and saving the file, then going on to the next one.  I'm fairly new to the design world, been at the company for a year as a "projects consultant" and asked to learn/complete this task.  Any advice would be helpful. 


      I suppose one alternative is to skip indesign and use HTML/Dreamweaver to pull data into fields, but my dreamweaver/html coding stills are non-existant, so I'm looking for a way that I know more about... indesign, illustrator... ya know..




      if it helps- I am currently using/have access to CS4