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    Sharing Books Downloaded before Registration

    Belmont Housing

      I downloaded Digital Editions and did not create an Adobe account or register the software.


      Then, I purchased and downloaded an ePub book hecause it said it had unlimited dowloads.  Turns out it allows one download.


      Then, I registered with Adobe because I learned this was the only way to share the book.


      When I log in to Adobe, I can't find where the book might be stored.  The bookseller advised that others could use my log-in to read the book but it is not appearing anywhere.


      How can I share this book? 


      I bought this book for my employer and only downloaded it to test out the process so I could teach it to others.  Now I have the book and those that need it do not have it.

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          There's a way.  First, let me comment on your intentions - and how the

          copyright laws work.   Publishers, authors and distributors can set

          parameters called 'digital rights' that will govern the use of an

          epublication.  Those digital rights include the number of copies you can

          make, and whether you can print an ebook.  So, your intention of sharing

          the ebook with others depends on how its digital rights have been set up.


          Now for the way.  Use your computer utilities to find where the ebook was

          stored.  My guess is that it's in the Adobe Digital Editions folder on your

          hard drive.  When you locate it, open ADE.  When it's in Library view, you

          can click on the small arrow next to the word 'Library'.  A drop-down menu

          will appear.  Click on 'Add Item to Library', and ADE will display a panel

          that will let you specify where the ebook is.  Set those settings, double

          click on the ebook, and ADE should add it to the library.


          Once added to the library, you can look at the ebooks digital rights by

          clicking on the small arrow next to its name (in Library view).  A

          drop-down box will appear, and you can select 'Item Info'.  The digital

          rights are located in the middle of the box that appears.


          Don't get bent out of shape if the digital rights won't allow copying or

          additional downloads.  That's up to the publisher and the source where

          you bought the ebook.  You can go back to the source and discuss what you

          want to do with them, but I have this feeling that they're going to tell

          you that you'll have to buy a copy for every one.


          Also, let me expand on this point.  ADE is intended to be a 1:1 experience

          - one user to a library of ebooks.  Don't think that you can add ID's to

          your copy of ADE so that others may share your library and the ebooks in

          it - it doesn't work that way.  Sorry!


          Hope this helps!


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            This was very helpful information.  Thank you!


            The Adobe site seemed to indicate that I could have Digital Editions authorized on up to 6 computers/ereaders and access one copy of the book.


            Additionally, the publisher of the book said that others should be able to log in to my Adobe account and access my books.


            I understand if the publisher is mistaken, but what about Adobe saying ADE lets your work with DRM by allowing up to 6 shares?


            Thanks again.

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              ADE is set up to permit up to two computers to interact, and up to four

              ereaders - that's a total of six.  The way ADE keeps track is a small log

              file keyed to your Adobe ID.  Your Adobe account is just that - yours.  If

              someone else registers with Adobe and obtains his or her Adobe ID, there is

              a way to 'switch' users on a particular computer (Windows PC or MAC), so

              there is some flexibility, but not much.


              If you're thinking of 'cascading' computers, I don't think that will work,

              but you could put four ereaders on one of the two computers IF they were

              registered to you.  You could then hand out the ereaders to four people to

              use.  IF the ereader had an external data port - say an SD card - it's

              theoretically possible to make a copy of an ebook on the card, pass the

              card around and load the ebook onto other ereaders.  I have some questions

              as to whether the other ereaders would recognize the ebook, as it will

              still have a 'tag' file on it that identifies it to a particular ereader.


              Adobe's support of devices is explained in the Adobe HELP function (F1 key

              from either Reading or Library view).  Maybe you can find something there

              that will help put things into perspective for you.


              Hope this helps!