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    Problems exporting .fla to movie

    Herugrim123 Level 1

      Hello there. I have created a flash animation which you download at:




      There are 266 frames making 22.1 secs. (12fps). However, the quicktime movie is 52 seconds long ! Firstly, there is a 15 second bit at the beginning ( where nothing happens ) that I cannot fathom. It's not in my timeline. Secondly, 15 from 52 is still not 22.1 ?? I also notice that the quicktime file is very jerky but if I publish the file as html, it runs really smoothely. Incidentally, this is for broadcast on Television via DVD. You can view the quicktime file at:




      To synopsise:


      1. What advice can you give about the differing time issues ( especially the unexplained 15 seconds at the beginning ).


      2. What advice can you give on settings for export to movie to improve smoothness ( eg. maybe I should have used 24fps )


      3. Is there another movie format that I could use and get better results ? ( I've tried AVI and Mpeg4 and they were both very pixelated ).





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          Jose_Flash_ookken Level 2

          I think the issue in quick time , Check you quick time  FPS prefrence.

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            Herugrim123 Level 1

            Thanks for the try Jose but no cigar. I've tried exporting it to quicktime at 12fps ( the same as the FLV file ), 24, 25 and 30 and it's almost the same in all. Surely someone out there has had the same problem ???

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              sinious Most Valuable Participant

              The document you posted has 40 frames and 2 layers. A background and 2 stars. The library is loaded to the gills but I don't see 266 frames. This is what I see in Flash CS5.5:


              Example Screenshot


              What's missing? When I play the animation the star blinks, but that's it. There appears to be no code at all as the Document Class isn't specified and when I went to CTRL+ALT+ENTER debug it, it dutifully said there was no actionscript code at all to debug.

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                Herugrim123 Level 1

                Sinious, my apologies. that was not the right screen capture that I posted. Here is the correct one prt scrn flash.jpg

                As you can see, 50layers and 266 frames. Your mention of 'code' sent shivers down my spine ! I am not a code guy. You can see the actual file at:



                I realise that it has too many layers. I am going to redo it with less but I am still worried that all the work will be wasted if the Quicktime movie ends up as poorly as the last time. By the way; the movie clip posted on youtube, it's just the 2 stars twinkling for 15 seconds and then the full animation starts from 15 seconds to approx 50 seconds. I don't understand where that 15 seconds comes from. If you look at the file above you will see that my timeline has nothing of the sort on it ?




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                  sinious Most Valuable Participant

                  I take weekends off


                  I'm afraid that download link has the same file. It opens in CS5.5 as the same screenshot I posted above. Are you certain you're uploading the same document? One thing I see in your panels which I thought would explain something is "Scenes". You have a lot of Scene 1's. I have only 1 scene in my file. Do you have several scenes?


                  I'm not sure if you're altering the document before sending it but whatever you might be doing before uploading might be causing this. Are you using Flash CS5.5 or below?


                  Here is a screenshot of the link you just posted. Download the link and verify if you get the same results. I've never seen a FLA file change so drastically for no reason. Notice just one "Scene 1" and in there the Movie Explorer shows only 2 things which differs from your screenshot:



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                    Herugrim123 Level 1



                    I'm getting confused. If you look at my last post, I attached a screenshot ( not a link...the actual screenshot ) and you can clearly see that it has multiple ( 50 ) layers. The download link also brings you to  "twinkle star.fla" ( with the 50 layers ). I know this because I just tried it. As I said before, if you play it, there is a 15 second ( unexplained ) 'overture' of just 2 stars blinking before the main action opens with the curtains opening etc.


                    As I said, this link: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B-cQQhdwl3C-Y0c3SEZqc0UyOG8/edit

                    will definitely bring you to a download of the 50 layered file.


                    When you mention the amount of scene 1's, you may be onto something there. I don't really know what 'scenes' are ! I do notice that my new version ( that I'm about halway through doing ) has only one 'scene one'. It's probably best to let me finish the new version and see how that goes and I'll post it here with any questions.


                    Thanks for your tolerance of a greenhorn !





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                      sinious Most Valuable Participant

                      Let's simplify. Can you verify you are using Flash CS5.5 or below? If this is a CS6 document this might explain something although I would expect Flash to give me an error opening it. I do not have Flash CS6.


                      Otherwise, I can assure you I downloaded that link 3 times and each time I get the exact same result. If anyone else here downloads that link and gets something different I'd love to hear it.


                      There may have been a file corruption while uploading to google. To rule that out, please just zip up the file and try reuploading it. If you don't know how to zip just right-click on the file, select Send to->Compressed (zipped) folder. Then upload that file. Then post a link to that file.

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                        Herugrim123 Level 1

                        Sinious, I am using Flash CS5. I have just deleted the file on google docs and replaced it with a new zipped file. Let me know how you get on wiht this:



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                          sinious Most Valuable Participant

                          Now that's weird. I open it in CS5.5 and it is still missing everything. I still have CS5 installed (for whatever reason) and I open this document in CS5 and it has all the correct layers. Very odd. I saved it down to Flash CS4, opened it in CS5.5 and it works fine.


                          In the future, just FYI, you should use 24fps minimum. Otherwise video always looks very slow and choppy.


                          I exported it from CS5.5 and the video appears to be identical to the flash version. Here's a sample:


                          Video Example


                          I think you can chalk it up to an odd defect in CS5. Anyhow perhaps you can use the video I posted or if you need it in a lossless codec I can provide an 'Animation' Quicktime version.


                          At first I thought the video was bogging when the star appears on the letter S but I scrubbed the flash timeline and your star does the same exact thing.

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                            Herugrim123 Level 1

                            I'd really appreiciate a quick time animation just to compare it to mine. I still don't understand that 15 second 'overture' which is not on my timeline !

                            I have to say I tried an mpeg4 version and it was awful. What settings do you use for quicktime or MPEG4 export ? This, I think may be one of my ( many :-) problems - not using the appropriate settings. here is a shot of my settings for QT.





                            I think I read somewhere that exporting to a jpeg or png sequence gives better results. I'll look forward to looking at your QT animation.

                            Again, thanks alot for teh input...





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                              sinious Most Valuable Participant

                              Are you saying there shouldn't be a blinking star for 15 seconds? That's not intentional?




                              Go in your scenes panel. See how you have multiple "Scene 1"? Flash is exporting all scenes one after another. The only scene you actually use is at the bottom of the stack of scenes. So click on a scene and if you do not see your timeline full of stuff, delete that scene. You will end up with 1 scene left and you won't export those other useless scenes. That's the 15 seconds.




                              I deleted the scenes and only kept the relevant scene. I re-exported and updated the same link.


                              Video Example


                              As for the compression settings you're using, they're fine. Animation is a lossless quality codec, it should look great, and you have it on Best quality. The framerate is set to 30 which you can adjust to 12 which is your documents framerate, that might help.


                              I compressed this with pro grade MP4 H264 software. I don't use all Adobe products so I can't really tell you how to get the same quality video out of Flash's settings. Though if you have Adobe Media Encoder you should use that to compress your Quicktime Animation movie. It supports MP4 H264 and that's what I used. 

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                                Herugrim123 Level 1


                                that's great. Thanks again. I deleted the 'junk' scenes and got the same result. I REALLY must read up on secenes and what they're about ( and especially the bit where it explains how not to inadvertantly create tons of 'em ! ) I have already re-done the whole project with 30fps and I've managed to decrease my layers down to under 20 whilst keeping the same effects so I'm hopeful of a good result.


                                I also note your advice on the video compression and will look into that next.


                                Thanks and regards,



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                                  sinious Most Valuable Participant

                                  Avoid scenes at all costs. They're a way of separating your animations into different parts but more than less people get into some serious sticky situations (mostly involving code). I know you might not do any scripting now but just some advice, stay away from scenes unless you know about their limits. For now, just close that scenes panel and you won't accidently create a new scene


                                  You're welcome.