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    'Duplicate' shortcut places object off page???


      Hi - I'm having the most annoying thing happening with my InDesign CS5 lately - when I do the shortcut for Duplicate (command D), the object is duplicated off the page to the far left. It even adds page "space" to the current page board and it's a major pain to have to stop, scroll all the way over, and try to grab the very edge of the object and bring it back.


      I'm sure this is something very minor, but it's amazing how often I use the Duplicate shortcut and don't realize it!


      Anyone offer any suggestions on how to fix this?




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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Do you really use Cmd + D for duplicate? That's the default for Place....


          In any case, whatever shortcut you use, the Duplicate command is going to position the duplicated object according to what is set in the Step and Repeat dialog, so select an object, Edit > Step and Repeat... and set the offsets you want and the number of duplicates to one and say OK. Those settings will stick until changed, so you can go back to your shortcut afterwards.