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    HDV captured stutters ..


      Hi All,


      I spent my day trying to figure out the problem. Here is my set up.


      Canon XH A1 tape HDV connected via firewire 800 to an Imac 2.7Ghz i5 with 8Gb memory, pretty much new.


      I recently switched from FCP where I never had any trouble, even in HDV.


      Now I completed a project, and only at the very end noticed the final version has a stuttery look..imagine a conveyor belt running and it just does not go smooth. I do not believe this is an issue of 30P vs 60i or anything like that, as the stuttering is not consistent...

      I have tracked  the problem all the way back to the source footage, meaning if I import the clip fresh into Premiere, it stutters in the player, if I open the clip in Quicktime, it stutters...


      what boggles my mind is that I did not notice this all this time, I worked on this for a week.


      Last but not least..I have an Ipad with the completed video, compressed it with h.264 I believe it was the YouTube settings and it does NOT stutter. I have tried to recreate that exaxt same file in a variety of sized, but now anything in H264 seems to stutter.


      Last but not least...doing a test compressing it with say mp4 did not have the stutter in it...but the quality is not acceptable.


      Anybody can stop me from pulling my hair out?





      Some added info. I opened up a test project this morning. Imported a 8 second clip of bottles passing on a conveyer. In the preview window, the first time I watched it, it seemed fine. Second time I watched it, it got jerky...we are talking Preview!!

      I then thought maybe it was because the clips are on an external 7200rpm drive at 800 firewire..but even placing the clips directly on my harddrive it continues to stutter. And it's also clear to me now, the stutter is not in the video, it is not consistent. So where to start? Can this be an issue with my new Imac ( 1 month old) or is this software? Discouraged because it seems I am the only one having this problem.


      The more I dig, the more complicated it seems to get. I have now tried to import using Imovie, even at lower resolution, I seem to have trouble.

      Then I thought, let's take an original clip I imported into PP onto my laptop mac...trying to play that Mpg 2 clip in quicktime gives me nothing but a white screen to look at.

      Save to say, not so happy with Apple right now for quitting on FCP, never had any issues, this is what they call progress?