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    Web App Filtering and Sorting

    sharifer007 Level 1

      Hi all,


      Web App Filtering

      I've been reading posts on web app filtering for several months and it appears the only way to filter web apps is by assigning categories.  I discovered that by using categories you can only filter twice: 1st filter is based on the list all web app items by category and the second is by adding Category_ID= to the end of the query string.  I assume this most filtering we can do with web apps until Liquid Markup is released is this correct?  It would be really nice to filter by any field values and multiple and apply multiple filters.


      Web App Sorting

      It appears the only way to sort is by changing the sort value in the web app list module.  The problem with this is you can only sort by the default parameters.  Is there any way to sort by any field value? Can you apply multiple sorts?  Perhaps by appending parameters to the query string?  Again I assume we will have more sorting functionality with Liquid Markup.


      Is there a release date for Liquid Markup yet???

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          dft-au Level 2

          It really depends on what you're trying to achieve, you can use jQuery applications to create animated sorting and filtering for web apps if you have some advanced programming knowledge.


          Liquid is in a the grey area still, at this point it has been slowly beta'd for eCommerce but it has a long way to go before it will get to web app's and into any full release stage.

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            bcguy123 Level 1

            Keen for an update on filtering and sorting... any news on this?


            Will we be able to eventually sort based on a value of a field added to a webapp?

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              Graugans GbR Level 1

              Yes, an update would be nice.

              Trying to sort by date (of a custom date-field, not by creation-date), but this aint possible by now.

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                Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                I am a little confused here. Have you not checked the documentation?


                Web app sorting options:


                Sort - will sort the web apps in specified order

                • alphabetical (default) - items are sorted in alphabetical order form A-Z
                • date - will display the web app items newest to oldest
                • datereverse - will display the web app items oldest to newest
                • weightreverse - allows you to display the web apps by weight but in reverse, that is the item with the smallest weight is displayed first.
                • comments - display the items with the largest number of Comments first (can be used for a 'highest votes' type display).


                You can not sort by Custom date fields, only the web app item date itself at this time. Liquid when it arrives does have sorting elements but the old web app engine will not change much.

                All the cool new stuff you can do will be in the totally new web app engine which BC has talked about coming quite a bit.

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                  iSiBengt Level 1

                  I think what we're looking for, (at least I am) is an ability to filter based on more than what is offered, such as company name for instance.


                  My requirement is for my clients to login, and only show web app items that pertain to them. I would like to customize each customer's experience, much like cases are shown by customer etc. I am new to this, so I am still more or less uncertain on how even cases are handled - I am only hoping that the relationship between a customer and a customer that is a company will let this work properly.


                  With over 200 customers who will access this system, creating either categories for each, or secure zones for each, seems tedious, and functionally unnecessary based on the very intention of what a database is supposed to provide.


                  Any help would be greatly appreciated. This has become the bane of my past week and bordering on making BC a non-starter for my company.


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                    Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Web apps to logged in people you just mark them as owner of web app item and output that module varation.

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                      sharifer007 Level 1

                      Filtering web apps by two categories at the same time. 


                      Filter 1 - Create a page and use the web app module with the category variable you can filter reults. 

                      Apply 2nd Filter - You can also filter by a second cateogry if you add the following query string variable to the previous webpage URL.  ?CategoryID=[CATEGORYID  NUMBER]

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                        Digital Forest Level 1

                        I am in desparate need of being able to sort by custom date field!! anybody have any idea how I can do this with javascript? Liam, you mentioned a new web app engine last year - any insight when this might be coming?

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                          SproutCreatives Level 1

                          Liam, Do you know of any reason why I cannot get my app items to sort according to weightreverse when I'm using a custom web app layout? Basically what I have is web app items in a hero slider.


                          This is the code I have in my page template:

                          {module_webapps,19153,c,65789,weightreverse template="/Layouts/WebApps/[Content] Event Listings/list_hero.tpl"}


                          No matter what I put in the value for sort, the items are displayed the same. Any ideas?