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    Converting Flex 3.5 application to Flex 4.5 causes SWC Load Error


      I have successfully converted my application from Flex SDK 3.5 to SDK 4.5.1 with one exception.


      The following error is raised in Design Mode Problems:


      SWC Load Error

      One or more errors occurred while loading the associated SWCs. Expand this node for more details.


      DesignAssetLoader.CompleteTimeoutSWC file failed to load. Any component dependent on this SWC file will not be displayed in the Design Mode.

      The SWC may have failed to load because of:

              *  Incompatible definitions caused by usage of a different SDK version

              *  Missing referred class definitions


      Assuming the issue is because the custom library .swc contained in my application was compiled with SDK 3.5 and is not compatible with Flex 4.5.1 SDK. But then why doesn't my Cairngorm library also raise this error?


      Exactly how does one rebuild a .swc file with a different compiler? My vendor has provided me with the library project source archive, but I find no utility that will import an existing Flex Library project in my Flash Builder IDE. My efforts to create a new library project and import the contents of the library archive have not been successful.


      Question 1 - does it seem likely that the error I am seeing is due to the SDK my library .swc file was compiled with? Or is this a misleading error statement?


      Question 2 - is there a valid technique to import or create a new library project from a project archive?