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    Progressive download problem...


      I know basic flash OK...not an actionscripter, I'm a graphic designer with a decent grasp on Flash. I upgraded earlier in the year to CS5.5 and now I'm having an issue with my video...progressive download no longer works. No matter what the bufferTime is set to and no matter what the length of the video being loaded, the Flash Player waits until the video is 100% loaded before it plays. What is causing this? It happens in more than one kind of browser and Firefox handles it REALLY poorly.


      Here's a link where you can view the problem:


      Click on the button at the bottom that says "VIRTUAL VIDEO TOUR OF OUR RESIDENCES" and you'll see the problem. Click on either of the other video buttons at the bottom and you'll see videos that were created before I upgraded and they play/load in the intended way...no problems.


      If you have a poor connection, it may just sit and load and time out...not playing the video at all. Help!



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          adninjastrator Level 4

          Videos all play just fine for me on PC, IE8 and FF.

          If you recenty switched the video format to mp4, then you may have a MOOV ATOM problem..... it's been around a long time.

          QTSwapper and more info here:


          You can also use QuickTimePro to open and then resave the offending file.

          Best wishes,


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            jv_fourcreative Level 1

            That's not the problem, however. These are FLV files compressed with the On2 VP6 Codec using the Adobe Media Encoder. And the source file was an uncompressed AVI. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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              adninjastrator Level 4

              .... video works fine for me on a couple different machines. Test on a few other machines for yourself.

              I upgraded earlier in the year to CS5.5 and now I'm having an issue with my video...progressive download no longer works.

              You seem to be equating switching to CS5.5 and progresive downloading... they are two completely different things and not really connected.

              Of course you are familiar with what CS5.5 is and how it works... used on a local machine to create Flash apps.

              While progressive download is a function of the Web server and the Flash pluggin in the browser.

              Since the videos play just fine for me, are you sure there is not another variable... updated Flash browser pluggin for example?

              Would be interested to hear what others have to say.

              Best wishes,


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                jv_fourcreative Level 1

                I realize they may seem to be completely different things and unrelated, but it's the only thing I could deduct that was/is different between the last time I encoded an FLV and used it within an SWF.


                It's not working for me in IE, Firefox, or Safari...downloads entirely before it plays in all three browsers no matter the length of the FLV. And the other videos that are right there on that page (the ones created before I upgraded) play correctly, buffer correctly, everything normal. So logic would say that something with the upgrade has changed the work process from what I've been doing the past several years.


                That's interesting, however, that it plays on your computer and others. Unfortunately, I don't have access to any other machines right now.

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                  adninjastrator Level 4

                  When testing, you are testing over the Internet at the link shown above, correct? and not just testing the file locally on your machine?

                  Since the video seems to work fine for me, it may be something on your particular machine.

                  What is your operating system?

                  What version of Flash pluggin are you using?

                  Are you behind some type of firewall?

                  Are you using the FLVPlayback component to display the video?

                  Any other particulars of your own machine you can think of?

                  Hope you can find another machine or two to test on, this may help confirm/deny that the issue is just your local machine.

                  Best wishes,


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                    jv_fourcreative Level 1

                    Yes. It's when it's on a server that it functions incorrectly. Locally it's just fine.


                    My OS is Windows 7. I have the latest version of the Flash plugin.


                    I'm not behind a firewall.


                    I'm using FLVPlayback (Actionscript 2.0) to display the video.


                    No other particulars, but the element that's being ignored here is the other video at the same link that plays just fine...even plays fine on my machine. Flash video that was created the exact same way that this was...except video no longer gets encoded INSIDE of Flash. Now it asks you to launch the Media Encoder, which I do, and for some reason the FLV that's being output is different than the same type of FLV that was output a year earlier (the links that say "video testimonials from our families" and "view our mission statement video"). I've also exported directly out of Premiere as FLV and the same thing happens with that newer FLV. Those older videos load, buffer, and play correctly on this machine. The new one does not...something is weird/wrong.

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                      jv_fourcreative Level 1

                      OK...hooked up an old machine and tested it...and it worked fine. And emailed a few friends and it loaded fine on theirs, too. So effing odd and frustrating! This is a brand new PC and there shouldn't be any shortcomings, quite the opposite. Thanks for your help, though.